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is dedicated dancer and choreographer of classical Indian dance forms Kathak and Odissi. Following the extensive training in India with great masters Padmashri Guru Shovana Narayan, Guru Teerath Ajmani, Guru Sharon Lowen, she creates and performs in Lithuania, combining the tradition and innovation, eternal motives and modern approach. She is organizing Annual International Festival of Classical Indian Arts “Sursadhana” and participates in lots of cross cultural dance projects along with contemporary dancers in Lithuania, Europe and India.
Being Hindi language and literature lecturer at the Institute of Asian and Transcultural Studies in Vilnius University and PhD student in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, enables Kristina to represent the diverse cultural universe through her dance.

In 2009 Kristina Luna founded Natya Devi Dance Theatre, which is involved in various Classical Indian Arts events, festivals and intercultural projects. She conducts workshops and gives Kathak and Odissi recitals on a regular basis. A tireless dancer, she travels and performs, flitting between Europe and India, where connoisseurs and general audiences alike appreciate her art.
In the crossroads of classical Indian art forms and modern sensibility Kristina is constantly searching of new unexplored ways in combining creativity, beauty of the dance vocabulary, virtuosity of movements and delicate sensitivity.
Dedicated her life for dance Kristina Luna believes in universal values of art that can reach every humans heart.